Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shelves. New Plan

I recently have been winnowing down the things on one set of shelves in the pantry. I made it through the top shelf and have been avoiding dealing with the other shelves, but we've suddenly had a change of plan. We're tired of making our too-tiny and semi-working washer and dryer work and we are moving on up to bigger and better models. This means that the shelves need to go away, so that the washer and dryer can go where the shelves are now.

Before: (Although you have to imagine that the cats' litter boxes were in that space, as I moved them before I remembered to take the picture.)

Old washer and dryer before:

Shelves cleaned off and ready for work:

Establishing before shot:

After: our new dryer will be vented directly outside. Currently, our dryer vents up several feet over several feet and then makes its way out a very tall side vent. It's incredibly hard to keep this very long vent from clogging. This one will vent one foot over and out. I love it! You can also see the shelves are gone.

Here's the new plan, as planned by our handyman, Wesley Johnson. Instead of moving the pipes and the electrical, over several feet, we will run them through a new hole in the wall and into the exact same connections.
Now we will purchase our washer and dryer. We are excited for a whole new world of laundry.


Sara K. said...

Yay!! Can't wait to see it...after getting a preview in email!

balyien said...

Awesome! I'm always so impressed with your projects. I hope you'll post pictures when it's finished.