Friday, December 21, 2012

Midsummer Night's Dream

Thanks to a generous gift from a friend, we were able to see "opulent" Shakespeare rather than our usual "bare-bones" Shakespeare.  Fancy ticket prices buy you a shiny program, beautiful sets and incredible costumes.
Inside the program was this absolutely fabulous Character Muddle, so people could keep things straight.  I'm willing to bet English teachers have squirreled this away for future lessons.

This was a very enjoyable production with Jenni Putney bringing to life a very fun Helena and Daisuke Tsuji as a very musical Puck.  I loved the whimsical touches in the production: the toy piano, the Changling Child's amazing hair, one of the players using hand gestures (some of them rather rude) to help him remember his lines.  It was also great to check in with Andy Lee-Hillstrom, whom we loved in NWCTC's production of Dracula some years back.

Thanks for the tickets, Michael.  It was a great evening of theater.

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Sara K. said...

I love that we saw it too. Our Shakespeare parallels have been very fun. Its our next post, in fact. Love the chart!