Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mom's birthday cake.

She wanted "that white cake you made that one time, that was so good."  So I pulled out the Joy of Cooking Recipe and made it.  I did use Vintage Cake's Vanilla Bean Buttercream recipe to frost the cake though.
Sadly, I did not level my cake layers before I frosted and thus ran out of frosting.
Also, I forgot to remove the waxed paper before freezing the layers and had a heck of a time peeling it off of the frozen cake before frosting.
It wasn't a pretty cake, but it tasted all right.


Sara K. said...

I like that you combined two different recipe books to get your just right cake!

Anonymous said...

I'll say it tasted good, no awesome. A great example of not judging by what something looks like, but how it tastes. MOM