Saturday, February 23, 2013

Living City Plant CSA

For the garden this year, I've bought a share in a plant CSA.  It works a bit like a regular CSA namely that I pay out money upfront and then they set me up with starts and seeds I should be planting at the correct time of the year.  I picked up my first batch today.  It included: a rhubarb crown (very good as mine died a sad death), a couple of walking onions (I've been wanting some for a few years now) and four packets of seeds (arugula, fava beans, snap peas and German chamomile).  I look forward to getting those into the ground.

I also got a list of the rest of the plants and seeds I would receive.  This is all very exciting and I'll report back as to my progress.   


Sara K. said...

This is very cool! I am excited to see how it all comes out!

balyien said...

Sounds great! I can't wait to see and hear how things turn out.