Friday, March 1, 2013

NWCTC Antony and Cleopatra

It's Matt, posing for yet another series of too-dim photos before a show at our favorite local theater company. That's Northwest Classical Theatre Company, for those of you not in the know.
And, lest you be afraid that this production has no bed in it as so many others have, fear not!  Here is a bed!
It was a quite nice bed.  I wouldn't have minded it myself.  The production began with a rather graphic sex scene (no nudity, but a good amount of simulation) that made me glad that my mythical church-going grandmother was not sitting next to me.  After that, the bed was transformed into a forum of sorts, as well as other settings in the play.

Kevin Connell was a very good Marc Antony and I'm glad I saved reading the bios of the actors until intermission as I learned the Mr. Connell is a Jesuit and that got me wondering about Jesuits and simulated sex scenes.  This is a kind of wondering that I'm glad didn't happen when the play was just starting.

Marilyn Stacy was a bawdy Cleopatra, diving in with gusto to her character's many moods and whims.  I also really enjoyed Victoria Blake as Charmain and Clara-Liis Hillier as Iras.  They both brought a lot to the ladies in waiting.

Costume design was fabulous and the voyeur in me enjoyed seeing how many Roman skirts I got to peer up during the production   All the actors seemed to be wearing the same grey boxer briefs, so those must have been figured into the costume from the start.

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Sara K. said...

Or perhaps your church-going Smillee friend. Oh no, that would have probably been rather amusing, no?