Friday, March 29, 2013

Improvement on Compost Thingies.

You may recall that last year I built some structures to make compost.  They worked all right and I did get some fine compost.  However, they looked a little more down-market than I would like. The slats of wood fell in on each other and the entire thing looked rather messy.  I had an idea to perk up the situation.

I do appreciate the irony of wanting a compost pile to look neat and tidy.  But I recently saw a picture of a beautiful French Potager Garden and its anal tidiness is something I aspire to.  You can laugh as you look at the spent hay and weed that is currently serving a "ground cover" in  the backyard.  I have French Potager aspirations and a slattern's work ethic.

At any rate, let us look at my improvement.  Here's the before shot.  You might recall that I used cedar fencing, cut each board in half and then used the staple gun to attach the chicken wire to the fencing.
Enter the wooden stake.  Notice that pointy end?  So did I.
I pre-drilled three holes in each stake and then used some leftover screws to sandwich the chicken wire between the cedar fencing and the wooden steak.  Voila!  I can pound the stake into the ground thus (hopefully) keeping my compost bin upright and also the chicken wire is more sturdily attached to the structure.
I didn't have time to set up the bins again, but here is how I stored them after I finished my work.
Those stakes went right into the ground.
And then I got distracted by the blooms almost bursting on the cherry tree.
And the clover and walking onions.

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Sara K. said...

I like the upgrade. I can't wait to see it in use. It does look very aesthetically pleasing.