Sunday, March 24, 2013

Matt Goes to GameStorm

What is GameStorm?  A whole lotta gaming, of all types, though Matt went for the board games.  I didn't see him for several days.  Here's a list of what he played.


Matt said...

Here's an email I sent afterward:
"All right, I'm signed up for next year. Holy cow, that was a blast, although apparently three days in a row is my limit.
Quick pros and cons of all the games I played:
Smash-up (2x): + love the different flavors of the decks - hard to keep track of cards when they buff each other
Lords of Waterdeep (2x) + Quick, varied, building - Maybe too quick for building up so much
Dungeon Fighter (1x) + It involves throwing dice, literally, in a shuffleboard / horse shoes way - I suck at literally throwing dice and so did all my party members
Battlestar Galactica (3.25x) + Oh, my God, so fun to play the different roles in the game, lots of interaction between players - It requires a lot of people for a lot of time, which means that it's a good game for cons
Buffy (1x) + Follows the show well, made by Last Night On Earth creator - Like LNoE, but I was Xander, got killed and then couldn't do anything the rest of the game
Giant Jenga (.25x) + Just fooled around by myself - Holy cow that's hard
Thunderstone Advance (3x) + Fun - I either win big or lose big
King of Tokyo + (2x) Short, you gain powers rapidly, each character is different, probably going to buy this at some point - None that I can think of
10 Days (1x) + Fun - One guy at my table was color blind
Tsuro (1x) + Short, fun - None
Elder Sign (1x) + Fun team game, everybody cheers when the dice come up right - Maybe it's not so fun when we lose, and I think it's supposed to be lost most times
Nefarious (2x) + Good interaction because you have to anticipate what everybody else is going to do, there are different scenarios which vary the game play a lot, fairly quick, simple rules once you get it down - Which round are we on? Have you gone yet?
My Win/Loss this weekend was 9/11."

Sara K. said...

Very cool! I love that you got to explore a lot of new games (I am guessing you had some new ones in there). What a marathon of gaming, though. Seems like it never got boring!

Matt said...

That's for sure!