Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shamrock Run

The lines for the bathrooms are long, but they give me my focus for the day: pictures of socks and tutus.

I'm not really sure how running in tutus became a thing, but there were a lot of tutus out there.  And also a few boxer shorts and other skirt-like objects.

Fun socks make more sense to me.  There were a lot of them on display too.
Matt before stripping down.
Matt after stripping down.
And they are off.
This year, I immediately hiked over to the finish line because I knew Matt would finish quickly.  On the way, I encountered these incredibly cute gnomes, who agreed to have their picture taken.
The lack of protection for the cable on the grass amused me.
I was so early to the finish line, they hadn't yet blocked it off.  It was still a crossing point.
I enjoyed watching the race officials.
This guy in the green hat struck me as a particularly cute Leprechaun.
We were right next to Mill Ends Park, the worlds smallest park.
Waiting for the first finishers.
Don't they look like a bunch of runners?
I was much closer to the actual finish line this year, and I learned two things.  People crossing the finish line will mostly do one of two things after they are officially over the line: spit, or stop their watches.  Also, if you are very near the finish line, you might get to see someone finish and then lean over and puke five times, as I did.  I've made a mental note for next time as to how close I really want to be to the finish line.
Matt finishes.  He did well.  His per/mile time was 7:45 and that was with two times having to wait for the trains.

This picture is recreated.  This is because I was distracted by other finishers doing a set of burpees right in front of me.  Matt saw me as he was passing me and I made him go back so I could get the shot.


Anonymous said...

Yeah to Matt!! mom

Sara K. said...

You a very very supportive gal! To sit through pukers at the finish line...that's the extra mile!

balyien said...

Love the fancy socks! Don't mind the tutus either. :)