Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rock and Roll Half Marathon

More preparation.
Our theme today is stretching.
Establishing shot.
Theme photo.
Theme photo.
Theme photo.
Theme photo.
Theme photo.
Theme photo.
Theme photo. (Yes, I should have collaged them)
Matt's in his corral.
Theme photo.
I loved how organized this race was.  All through the food-and-fun area they had these guitar pick letters of the alphabet to make it easy to meet up with people.
Pace car.
Pace bicycles?  What are these guys supposed to do?
I decided to take several pictures of the start line.  Several turned out to be 600+. (My hands went numb several times.) I've mashed them all into a 2:30 slide show for you.  It's fun to watch around the minute mark, when people start coming back the other way on the other side of the street. At that point, those people have run 3+ miles and a lot of people haven't even started yet. It pays to be an elite runner.

Nothing says "rock and roll" like portable sinks.
It's so rock and roll!
While I was taking 600+ start line photos, the band was warming up.  I wanted to get a picture of the lead singer in his red velvet suit, but the band had wandered off by the time I was done at the start line.
Rock and Roll security guards.
The best time to use the port-a-potties?  Right after the race has begun.
Amazingly, these are the police that pace the lead runners.  Which means that some people have already finished.  I've still got a bit of a wait.  Matt is fast, but not that fast.
And here is one of the reasons I don't want to be a police officer.  There's a lot of standing around.
Spotting my first finisher.
Reading a friend's novel.
This guy came and shared the bench with me. Apparently he's a fast runner.
Finish line freebies.
(this is my favorite photo)
Finish line hanging out.
She had amazing hair!
Mill Ends Park.  We just visited that during the Shamrock run.
Photo guy.
Matt with photo guy.
Matt posing for this "photo guy."
Attempt at a candid was ruined when she spotted me taking the picture.
I love the wraps.
Theme photo.
Ambulances at the ready.
Nice medals.
I neglected to remember to remind Matt to bring clothes for after the race (falling down on my athletic supporter job) and so I fashioned him this outfit out of four post-race blankets. He loved it.
Check out the ice on this guy's ankle. Also: theme photo!
See!  People waiting at their alphabetical guitar pick for their families.
Theme photo.
Theme photo.
Matt and Burt.  Finished!
Burt looking all Rock and Roll.

Also, Matt was on TV.  Here's the link.

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Sara K. said...

This seems like quite a fun race. I like the theme photos, but I love the starting video! Very cool!