Saturday, April 27, 2013

Beautiful Wreck

Here's the mustard I planted last August.  I was supposed to pull it down before it got to this phase, but I didn't.  It's taken over the entire side yard.
But, despite its messiness, it's beautiful, no?

Much like this song.


Sara K. said...

What about? What about? What about our color shout?

Sorry, I can't even help myself. I will probably only be speaking in cheer by the time of the reunion!

It is lovely in an unruly sort of wild way!

balyien said...

It's so pretty! Why would you want to pull it down?

Patricia said...

The point of cover crops is to put nitrogen into the soil and so they should be pulled before they start to flower. But also, it was totally taking over the side yard and I want it to be all neat, not messy, so it needed to go. That's the side yard where the neighbors are letting me garden, so I feel guilty when they can't actually walk back to their yard. But it is so pretty. I love watching the mustard class of plants go to flower. The seed heads are a trip.