Friday, April 12, 2013

Hike: Tom McCall Point

Matt has every Friday off, but I only have a few during the school year.  Today was one of them.  We decided to head out to the Columbia River Gorge.
Here is a shoddy picture of Multnomah Falls.
Trees in bloom.
Climbing up (via car) and looking down.
Our parking space, with McCall point in the background.
Information about the engineering process for the Columbia River Highway.
And the result in real life.
Matt is ready to hike.
We have three miles ahead of us.
More information.
Early spring.
At the top, with Mt Hood in the background.
A less blurry picture.
Mt. Adams.
I packed a delicious lunch.  This is my favorite part of hiking.
Matt had turkey, I had ham.
Attempt at self-portrait.
Still squinty.
Matt attempts to squish the mountain.
A study in contrasts.
We've come a long way.
Various wildflowers.

Next time we will do both the hike up to the top and the Rowena Crest Trail, as we hiked for a smaller amount of time than we drove to the hike.  Aside from the views, and the sandwich, my next favorite part was driving through the windy roads to get back to the interstate.


Sara K. said...

What a lovely outing. I like the lunch pics and the squish the mountain attempts! It does look a bit chilly, though!

Patricia said...

Well, you probably think it looks chilly because of that first bundled up picture of Matt. Matt over-dresses for the weather (example: 5 layers in July) and then strips down immediately, tying his many layers in a big loop around his middle. It was beautiful weather. We got hot on the way up and there was wind, but it wasn't a cold wind.

balyien said...

Looks like a great hike! I miss mountains so much. :(

Matt said...

Beautiful pictures.