Saturday, December 21, 2013

Decorating the Tree

We were late decorating the tree this year, but not too late, as this article assured us.
Here's the process:
And here are some ornaments.

I love the sweet expression of the filbert bear in the top middle.  And I love the floozy look of the angel in the bottom row.


Sara K. said...

We decorated after you, so it's good to know we made it in time. Mush pf the decorating was done in stages, but on Christmas Eve for the bulk of our decorating. We also discovered that on 12/24 many places give trees away for free. We paid a lot more than free when we bought ours. I'm loving it now, it has hardly dropped any needles. It is still soft and smells great! Oh how I love a tree!!!

Patricia said...

The MAunts were discussing how they used to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve when they were growing up. I think it's just since the 60s or 70s that people started putting them up earlier and earlier.

And giving away Christmas Trees always makes me think of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, which, if I recall you haven't read and which I think you should rectify. A-hem.

balyien said...

Do you get a real tree? I love your ornaments. Are they family heirlooms, so to speak?

Patricia said...

Yes, we always get a real tree. Normally, my Aunts walk over and pick out one from the random tree grower with trees in his backyard that is less than a mile from my Aunt Pat's house. Then my brother cuts it down and brings it to the house. This year he wasn't selling for some reason, so they went somewhere else.

The ornaments are family heirlooms, so to speak. There are some that my MAunts made when they were very little. We have a family tradition where I place them prominently on the tree (they can be rather ugly--the stocking to the left of the boozy angel) while my mother insists they should be in the back.

The lamb, which is in the bottom corner was cut from a Styrofoam meat tray with cotton balls glued to it. There is a ball in the upper left which is ribbon pinned to a Styrofoam ball. It's falling apart. And there is a Styrofoam egg pictured above the lamb which has rick-rack around it. I like these ornaments best. Though there are some good basic ones from the 50s that are also very cool.