Saturday, December 14, 2013

Heidi and Kevin's Holiday party

We were preparing for a beloved annual event!  Thank goodness for Heidi and Kevin, their great hosting and the joy that is the white elephant gift party.

Heidi plays the player piano.
Those feet were working!
Low light and fast moving children results in a blurry picture.
Explaining the rules.
This turned out to be our favorite teapot, which returns year after year!
A beautiful snow globe.
The Ugly Sweater Kit, which was grabbed enough to be locked.
Murder mystery!
The Buddha butter dish!
Matt gets a large clothespin.
And here is where the Matt photos come in.
How could you not want that face?
Talking Dennis Miller was also regifted for another year.
A beautiful ugly snow globe.
Who wouldn't want Chia Willie?
A fabulous candle.
Some beautiful beads.
Which were not the only beautiful beads from the evening.
End of night portrait.


Sara K. said...

How fun!! I love a good white elephant or Yankee swap as they call them here. I like how nicely everyone is dressed.

balyien said...

OMG, Henry is SO cute! I need to bug E to send me more pics. He hasn't sent me any in a while. Also, I can't believe how long Rick's hair has gotten!