Saturday, February 8, 2014

Once more into the breach!

Burt and Laurie invited us over to play games.  They live about a mile away, so we had another pleasant walk in the snow.

Bundled up and ready!

Icicles on the Motel.

A hearty cross country skier and his dog.

This smart car was avoiding ice trapping his windshield wipers.  Smart!

An unmarred driveway.

Steps being engulfed.

Evidence of sledding.
We played Settlers of Catan (and ate delicious grilled cheese and tomato soup).  Then I walked home and Matt stayed to play more games.  He ended up staying the night and most of the next day due to ice.


Sara K. said...

And yet another great way to spend a snow day. Too bad Matt was snowed in - unless it was loads of fun - then yay, how nicely serendipitous!

I am tired of snow days. Which is odd. But today is snow day number 8,000 and we will have to make it up. Blerg!

Sara K. said...

On a happy note - I'm 4 DVDs in to season 2. Just 2 more and then the 6 of season 3 and I can watch the movie again! And have some more of my life back!

balyien said...

I love these pictures, especially the icicles. The way you caught the skier in action makes him look like he's one-legged!