Saturday, February 22, 2014

Vintage Cakes

More good cakes from Vintage Cakes.  Burt had a birthday party for all of the February birthdays.  I volunteered to make cake.  Burt said that would be nice, then told me he didn't really like cake, mostly due to the frosting.  So for him, I picked out the Kentucky Bourbon Cake.   Then I got confused at the liquor store and bought whisky instead of Bourbon.  So this happens to be the Kentucky Whisky Cake.

I bought the pan specially.  Nice, eh?

For the frosting fans, I made the Black and White cake, which is a chocolate cake with vanilla bean butter cream frosting and homemade chocolate ganache kisses.
Vintage Cakes is serving me well.


Sara K. said...

Hello gorgeous!

balyien said...

The whiskey cake is soooo beautiful. I wouldn't even want to cut into it! I'd want to keep looking at it. Did Burt enjoy it? Taste-wise, that black and white cake would be right up my alley.