Saturday, May 3, 2014

5k series race #1. Hagg Lake.

I'm doing a series of 5k runs this year sponsored by ORRC. Over the winter I had some foot troubles and so laid off the running for a few months.  So I wasn't sure if I was going to be a runner or a walker by the time the first race rolled around.  It turns out I mostly ran, walked a little.

Matt helped transport the food, so got a fresh cinnamon roll in exchange.

Here you can see them icing the rolls.

We took a pre-race walk and snapped a few pictures of Hagg Lake.

I'm waiting for the race to begin.

It was a small race, which I liked a lot.  They didn't even have music playing at the beginning.

And I'm off!

The technology that brings us our time.

And I'm back! (It was an out-and-back course)

Finishing under 40 minutes!

They gave us socks, which I thought was awesome.

I was overly enamored with this very wide walking strip in the middle of the parking lot.
Officially I finished in 38:45 with an average pace of 12:30 (which I'm thrilled about.) I finished 34 overall, and fourth in my age bracket.  The next race is on June 21.


Sara K. said...

Woo hoo! Patty, you look great! Way to hit the run! I am IMPRESSED!!!!

balyien said...

Awesome job! Hagg Lake is beautiful. I have no idea where that is, and I'm happy I got to see your pictures of it. Also, that cinnamon roll looks delicious.

Patricia said...

It's outside of Forest Grove. I visited once, hoping it was more of a swimming lake, but it seems to be more of a boating sort of a lake.