Sunday, May 18, 2014

Matt's Rock & Roll Half Marathon

Matt is looking perky at the not-at-all-Rock & Roll time of 7:30 am on a Sunday.

Burt and Matt do a little dancing while waiting.

After I deposited Matt at the starting line, I stood around and people watched.

It rained.  Hard.  As you can tell from this picture.

This race photographer was the most rock & roll guy I saw all day.

Athletic supporter and pre-race photo.

I enjoyed how this woman really looked like an edifice, despite her slight stature.

Some viewing from the top of a building.

Waiting under a tree.

This lady was running for a soldier.

Burt and Laurie, waiting for the start.

Burt joins the cattle call.

At that point, Laurie and I abandoned our athletic supporter duties because we had other obligations.  On the way back to the car we saw this great Taiko drumming.

And that blue shirted guy is Matt!  We just happened to run across him.  Or he ran across us, I guess as he was the one running and we were not.
Matt was super speedy and finished his 13.1 miles in a wicked fast 1:41:41, giving him an overall finish place of 416 and his per-mile pace of 7:70!  He took five minutes off of last year's time.


balyien said...

Congrats Matt! What a fantastic time, especially in such nasty weather.

Sara K. said...

Nice that you lent your support both because it was early and because of the rain. I know, when you live in PDX it is part of the agreement, but props to you regardless. And way to go Matt on PRing for this race!!!