Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Rugged Maniac

We walked to the race!  Because it was just down the street from us and this way we didn't have to pay for parking.

Matt checks in.  At any table.

You have to jump over a wall to start the race.

It was a beautiful sunny day and I staked out a nice spot to watch for Matt.

He goes over a wall!

And up another wall!

And runs off.

Happily, the course was set up to maximize athletic supporter's viewing/photo-ops.  Here is Matt swinging on the rings.

And here is Matt after he fell off of the rings.

Over the wooden thing.

Down the wooden thing

Coming down the slide!

And done!

And getting food.

And Muddy.

And maybe indicating that he might go through it again.  Because 3.1 miles and 20 obstacles is not enough.

Which he did.  He wandered over to where another heat had started and then faded into the crowd.  I walked back over to my place, noting that this gentleman was drilling more screws into the not-wall thing.

Going over the wall again!

If you squint, you can see him in the blue on top of the wooden thing.

Top of the second wooden thing.

Coming through the foam.

Someone else sliding into the water.

Matt sliding into the water.

Second time.

We went back to find Burt. Here he is going over the wall.

And going up another wall.

This is mostly some guy I don't know, but also a little bit of Burt's face.  And a cheery woman smiling for my camera.

Over the wooden thing.

Sliding in.

End team photo!


balyien said...

I would fall on my face so many times if I did an obstacle course like this! I have no coordination with which to scale things.

I'm so impressed that Matt did it twice! I love that close up shot of his muddy face. He looks so happy!

Sara K. said...

I appreciate that he loves to do these, but I can honestly say that I just don't get it. It must just be piles of fun to complete. Twice. Clearly he loves it, which makes it great. You got some excellent actions shots on this one. Nicely done, athletic supporter!!!