Friday, April 17, 2015

Date night. Walk to St. Johns Cinema & Pub

Matt and I took a long walk from our house to St. Johns.  It was a nice evening for such a walk.

I'm ruing the day I didn't grab a picture of this building before they renovated it.  It was covered in that 70s white rock.  Here, they have stripped the white rock, and replaced part of the exterior with plain pine boards.  Are plain pine boards destined to be the white rock of this era?  Stay tuned.

The sun started disappearing as we approached downtown St. Johns.

Inside the pub, Matt shows off his passport.  This was the first time I'd just come to this building for the restaurant.  Usually I'm here for the movie theater.


Sara K. said...

I love a date that includes a nice walk on a lovely evening. Very well done, indeed!

balyien said...

The sunset picture is magnificent!

I have this horror of wood paneling leftover from the faux wood paneling craze of the 70s (my mother's house still has it in the basement). It screams "cheap" to me, although I suppose ACTUAL wood is not so cheap, especially to maintain.

Patricia said...

I know exactly the wood paneling you speak of and I share your horror. My brother's room was totally wood paneled and he loved it because it was a complete cave. It was awful though. The plain pine board theme is everywhere, and, as you suppose, probably harder to maintain. So we can look forward to these looking crappy, once someone stops maintaining them.