Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Not what it looks like (and a progress update).

I have never successfully grown carrots.  I've grown carrot (1) but not really multiples.  This year I'm trying something Steve Solomon recommended.  I boiled two cups of water, mixed in three tablespoons of cornstarch and put the whole thing in the fridge until it turned into a gel.  Then I let it sit around for a few days on the counter while I didn't garden. The sitting around part isn't proscribed by Mr. Solomon.

But today I mixed in some carrot seeds, cut down a plastic bag to make poor man's cake decorator bag and walked the whole thing out to the furrows I'd made. I then cut off the tip of the plastic bag--and, come to think about it, I think the scissors are still out there--and squeezed a line of gel/seeds into the furrow.  This was covered with regular dirt.

The idea, I think, is to suspend the carrot seeds in liquid until they can get a good start in the world.  Hopefully it works.  I love a good home-grown carrot.

This is my index card where I kept track of my gardening.  As you can see, I did not get 15 minutes in every day (but Wednesday) since the beginning of February, but I did keep getting back on the horse.  

I plan to continue this plan.


Sara K. said...

Umm...gross. And good! Can't wait to see this update!!!

balyien said...

Good job! Persistence is key. You'll get there!

Are carrots generally difficult to grow, or is it just a nemesis for you? I'm curious. I know virtually nothing about gardening!

"The sitting around part isn't proscribed by Mr. Solomon." This line cracked me up.

Patricia said...

I think carrots are on the "more difficult" part of the scale. But my style of gardening, where I plant things and let them fend for themselves, tends to not work at all for carrots, which like to be kept moist while they germinate. If I could make myself give them a light sprinkle of water every day until they emerged, I would probably be okay, but I'm not that type of gardening girl. At least in my current state.

Right now, several weeks later, nary a one has arisen. So I think these failed too.

Sara K. said...