Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pizza making week 2

Skills have improved.  No holes, though the one on the front left did get a bit "french browned". *  I hope to make pizza making a regular occurrence.

*That's my dad's polite term for "a bit burnt".


balyien said...

In my family we called it an "oh man" pizza because we once forgot a pizza in the oven and by the time we pulled it out, it was completely black on top and whoever looked in the oven first (my mom I think) said in this disconsolate voice, "Oh man!" Any particular reason why you plan to make pizza a regular occurrence? Just because it's tasty?

Patricia said...

Oh man pizza is funny. I laughed through your whole description.

I plan to make this a regular occurrence because I enjoy pizza and if you make it at home it costs about as much as two purchased slices. So that's cool. Plus you can decide yourself what toppings you want.