Saturday, October 24, 2015

Z to A games: Letters from Whitechapel

We've made it to the letter "L" in our quest to play all of our games.  In this game, one person is Jack the Ripper, who attempts to travel from a murder back to his base before the detectives discover him.  The other person plays the detectives searching for him.  Ideally you play this with six people total so five people can be a detective, but it's just us, so Matt played all five detectives.
I'm happy to report I WON this game.  And very handily too.  It did get a bit dodgy there in a few places, but I succeeded in my tasks.  I guess I make a great Victorian-era serial killer.


balyien said...

This seems like a really weird premise for a game. Not that I disapprove, but you have to wonder who said the words out loud, "We should make a Jack the Ripper board game" and whoever they were responding to said, "That sounds like a great idea!"

Patricia said...

I know, right?

It's fun though. You could probably just change the concept to "stray dog" and "dog catchers" and call it good.