Sunday, October 11, 2015

First round of pizza making.

There was a recipe published in the paper, so I gave it a whirl. I had the pizza stone already. The recipe makes four supposedly 12-14 inch pizza, but mine top out at 10 or so inches.  I've got skills to develop.  Including stretching the dough so holes don't form.

This pizza had a minor leak.  The other three turned out okay.


balyien said...

"I had the pizza stone already." I'm adding that to the "list of things I never expected to hear" for today, along with "this Salt Lake City heavy metal band" (Visigoth, in case you're wondering). So what's on your pizza? I can't quite tell.

Patricia said...

Doesn't everyone have a pizza stone? It's one of those things that Cooks Illustrated assumes people have. I do, so it's fine for me, but I realize that most households probably don't have one.

That was plain cheese. I think I made a ham one for my other one. Matt got a pepperoni and maybe something with goat cheese?

I can totally believe there is a Salt Lake City heavy metal band. SLC is the Austin of Utah. I think there was a This American Life story about that concept.