Saturday, December 11, 2010


There are two problems with getting good pictures of Antares. One of them is that he's an all-black kitty. They are hard to photograph without a flash that bounces off the ceiling. In fact, some of the best pictures we have of Sentinel are the ones that our friend Joshin took with his fancy camera.

The second problem with getting a good photo of Antares is that he is super wary of every possible thing. Thus, he will be sitting and looking cute on my bed, but the minute I get the camera out, he is on alert. "What's that?" he stares at me. "Is that something to hack me to pieces with?" So by the time the picture is taken, his formerly cute expression has taken a turn for the worse.
Still, he is a nice cat and he does look sweet. I especially love how he sits with his front paws tucked beneath him.

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Sara K. said...

Yes, he does get a bit of a funny look. Arch is also rather elusive. Sometimes I get a great shot and his eyes look crazy. Oh kitty photography - you elusive thing!