Saturday, December 4, 2010

Woolsey Corner

I take the #4 bus from work to George Middle School twice a week to volunteer. On my way I pass through New Columbia. This spring, I spied this construction trailer which caught my eye because of the name, Orange Splot, and the detail on the trailer. I watched construction through the spring and again in the fall and I was excited to learn that my very own Proud Ground, the land trust that we bought our house, was building this new development.

I was even more excited to see that there would be an open house and so biked over to check out the new building.

Woolsey Corner has eight units for sale ranging from $105,600 to $144,00. The smallest unit is 650 square feet and the largest is 1380. All homes have 2-3 bedrooms and 1-2.5 bathrooms. All units also have access to the community unit which includes bike parking, a common room and a bed and bathroom for out-of-town guests.
The building has many green and energy efficient features designed to cut utility bills. It also looks fabulous.
Here is one of the two bedroom flats. It has a kitchen/living room area, a bathroom and two bedrooms. There is built in storage and access to a washer & dryer which is shared between the three flats.

The two bedrooms of the unit.

The townhouse, the only unit sold at the time of my visit has these great built in bookshelves.

A kitchen of another unit.

The dining/living space with built ins.

I was fascinated with the heat pump technology. It would be nice to have for our heated-by-cadet-heater home.

Each unit has a heat pump to regulate the house temperature.

A water heater tucked away in a closet.

Stackable washer and dryer. Notice the front loader. Oh, how I pine for one of those. Much more than a heat pump.

A view from an upstairs unit.

A typical bedroom of an upstairs unit.

I really liked this open floor plan.

This unit has a great view of the community garden. While I was visiting a couple decided to purchase this unit. I don't blame them. It's got the best view, a lot of light and that community garden will never have anything developed on top of it, because there is a railroad tunnel underneath.

This tree was preserved during construction and it shades the courtyard.
Stairways incorporate used musical instruments.

All in all, another great project by Proud Ground.


Anonymous said...

Is that a roof garden I see on the building? MOM

Sara K. said...

This is so so cool! And about 1/5-1/7 of the price it would be here. Very very cool! I'm so glad you let us tag along on your open house viewing!

Patricia said...

There are solar panels on the roof of the building and a roof garden on top of the recycling and trash shed.