Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Rug

I didn't capture very well the amount of grime and detritus that builds up on the entryway floors during the rainy season, but trust me, there is a lot.
When it is wet outside the first 10 feet of our living room gets all the dirt, leaf debris and much from our shoes. I can scrub it, but I don't often enough and it's starting to become ground in.

Enter: the long rug designed to catch what the floor shouldn't.

It has about the same weave as the cats' catch scratcher, so they are thrilled that I've provided a very large horizontal surface cat scratcher.

Each time they scratch I remind them it is a rug, not something for their claws. They don't really care to listen to me. But the floors are staying clean.


Anonymous said...

Add Atlas to your entry way and imagine the dirt. It bogles the mind. Not to mention shedding. MOM

Sara K. said...

Nice touch! You are so good to those kitties!!!