Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thwarting the cats

A certain formerly feral kitty who shall remain nameless--at least for the rest of this sentence--is quite the forager. Sentinel gets up on the counters, but in a blatant way so I always know what he's up to. Antares is sneakier and more willing to eat things that Sentinel won't such as pie crust and muffins. When I've got things that need to cool for awhile, it's hard to keep him out of the food. So I developed this low-tech system.
When things come out of the oven, I place them on one of my stacking racks to cool. Then I place another stacking rack on top of the first one and lay dish clothes over the whole structure. This barrier seems to be enough to keep the kitten out of the food, even though he could easily pull off the dish clothes, if he so desired.


Sara K. said...

Ats all good until he outsmarts you! :) Is that my tasty granola I see? What a delight it has been for my stay-cation breakfasts! Just like eating at a B & B!

Matt said...

Clever gf!