Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sole Support

Matt & I joined Roger's Roamers and walked for Parkinson's Awareness.  Roger is standing in front, with the blue jacket.  It was a crazy weather day, but a fun walk.
A close-up of the sign.
Lily, one of the walkers.
Laurie dyes the shirts so we can all find each other.
Waiting for our photo op.
Quick self-portrait.
Laurie is the general in charge.
Less blurry self-portrait.
Matt is excited to walk.
Informative signs along the route.
The walk began and ended in Oaks Park.  I was surprised to see that someone has a home on the edge of Oaks Park, overlooking the Willamette.
More walk.
A cold and rainy day is a great time to visit Oaks Park.  No lines.
More walking
And more.

Holding the sign.
When we got back, someone had helpfully put the tent down, so the wind didn't blow it away.
Sean and Matt still found room.
The return of the hearty walkers.
Last photo of the day.


balyien said...

Is Roger a friend of yours? Just curious about how you ended up with his Roamers.

I love that particular walk & that park. I used to live not terribly far from there. Thanks for the pictures - it brought back happy memories.

Patricia said...

Roger is the father of Laurie, the General who coordinated things. Laurie and Burt have monthly breakfast at their house and Roger and Jan often attend, so we've gotten to know them over the years.

Sara K. said...

I love that you did this for Laurie and Roger. It is such a big group of people and it looks fun despite the weather.