Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dinner at Lardo

Before attending the theater, we stopped at Lardo for dinner.  Matt got a burger which he inhaled in roughly five bites.  

I had a Cubano, which was incredibly with the pork belly and cheese and good filling and warm and oozy on delicious bread.  We also shared a Kale salad which was delicious.
And that pickle was good too. I got two of them, because Matt doesn't understand how delicious pickles are.


balyien said...

That food looks so delicious! I had pork belly for the first time I few months ago and now wish someone would have said "it's basically bacon" to me a long time ago because, man, that stuff is good!

Sara K. said...

Yumskers! That looks like a delicious meal. Funny, I like pickles, but I usually give mine to Shawn. Nothing quite ever ranks to my Granny's pickles.