Saturday, September 20, 2014

Matt's Ride to Remember

Packing up for the ride.  I brought a blanket, knitting and a bag full of things to do and read.

Antares gives a final inspection to the bike.

Matt unloads from the car.

The ride cue sheet.

Matt gets ready to go.

Here is the start.

And he's off!

Time passes.  I go to Denny's for breakfast (because I couldn't find anything else in Canby) stop by Fred Meyer and purchase bins for storage for the back of the car. I fill up the gas tank and get the car washed and it's still only 9am.  So I hung out in a park until 10, when the Canby library opened.  I poked around there and then drove back to the race site, where I napped and read in the back of the car until I thought Matt would be done.  Then I sat by the finish line and kept an eye out for his arrival.

Sadly, I missed the big finish. He suddenly loomed before me.  So I had him pose.

After stowing his bike and changing his shirt, Matt got his food which was delicious.  Because after riding 60+ miles everything is delicious.

He was also a fan of the root beer floats and had two of those. 
It was a good bike ride.  Thanks to the Ride to Remember.


balyien said...

I'm sorry you had to eat at Denny's. :( I hope you found some tolerable fare on the menu. Other than that, it sounds like a lovely morning. And root beer floats! That's one of those treats I never think of but now that you mention it, I kind of want one!

Sara K. said...

Looks like a great race/ride and a productive way to spend your day away from home.