Saturday, September 20, 2014

NWCTC: Wait Until Dark

Our first play of the NWCTC season (and the first play without Grant Turner as Artistic Director) was Wait Until Dark.  There was a great 40s-style apartment set.

Our very dark selfie.  You can sort of see our teeth.
The play was very well acted.  Clara-Liis Hillier was fabulous as a newly blind woman* and the play was tricky, always keeping us guessing as to alliances.  Kate Thresher playing the teenager Gloria was particularity endearing and the big fight scene at the end was tremendously scary.

All in all, it was a great night at the theater.

*Much better than Ansel Elgort as amputee Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars and I know he was paid much more than her to mess up that role.


balyien said...

I hadn't heard of this play before so I looked it up. It sounds very interesting! You always see such great plays that it makes me want to go see them but I have a difficult time finding ones that I think Dan will like as well. Perhaps I need to find a play watching buddy. (I know I could go alone but I'm tired of doing stuff alone.)

Sara K. said...

Poor Ansel!

Nice outing. We have yet to get our theater groove on here yet. Which is a bummer. The Twin Cities claims to have the second most theater seats per capita in the US, behind NYC.