Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dayton to Drive-in, it's still summer!

Time for another 5k, this one in Dayton.  I'd not been to Dayton, but it's a right-nice looking small town.  In their town square they had a fort and an interpretive sign.

Here is my favorite line from this part of the sign:  "[Joel Palmer] established the Western Oregon reservations and led the way for removal of the tribes; which kept tribes safe from settler attacks."
Um, yes, but...  I realize that I'm judging Mr. Palmer's actions from a modern perspective and that's not really fair, but STILL.  That's like saying that women having a 10pm curfew while at college will keep them safe from rape-y guys.  Not really and why are we focused on the women, not the rape-y guys? 

Mr. Palmer was forced from office, accused of favoring native interests over those of settlers, so he probably was doing something right.

The fort has an unusual design which I enjoyed learning about.

And here is the tiny fort now.  

You can see there's been some shoring up of the structure.

The park in the square was full of pine cones which were very fun to step on. 

These two little girls were decked out in U of O cheerleader outfits which were incredibly cute.  Their mother (in the yellow) turned out to be the mayor of Dayton.

Upon finishing, I claimed my souvenir glass.  This was a fun race which took us past many Dayton churches and the school.  I finished in 37:46 which is a HUGE improvement over my previous time.  I also was 5 of 6 in my age group.  

Matt had to drop me off and go to tutoring, so he was dressed fancy as an athletic supporter.

I came home for a bit, then set out to see a movie with friends.  I arrived early, so I killed time in Holladay Park which apparently has a reading room. I'm not sure if the guy on the left gave shoulder massages to all patrons, or just this specific one.

Driving to Dayton we passed the Newberg Drive-In and decided to come back for a double feature.  So we did.

It was classic car night.

There were cars from all decades.

Even some Tin Lizzies which arrived after the first movie had begun.

Look at this cute flyer.

I've watched movies from the back of a truck before!

Our show begins.  Notice my foot on the dash and Matt's clock radio providing the sound for us.


Sara K. said...

Wow! What a great day. Starting with history, then to a fun run, and ending with a drive-in movie. Seriously delightful!!!

balyien said...

That whole post and you didn't tell us what movies you saw! I'm wagging a scolding finger at you while saying that I need to know.

Those classic cars are really cool. I loved the picture of all the cars arrayed in front of the screen.

I find the fort design really interesting. Did the sign explain why it was designed that way?

Patricia said...

Yes, yes, I was a blog slacker here because, 1) this could have been three posts and 2) I didn't link to the movies we watched. But that was because the movie posts weren't DONE.

The fort was designed that was to double the number of angles they could shoot from, which is pretty awesome, but must have some drawbacks or we would see a lot more forts like that.

We watched Blazing Saddles (review here:

and Guardians of the Galaxy (for the second time) review here: