Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Walk to Kennedy School

This is a very large pot of rosemary.  I can't imagine how the roots actually fit in there.

See?  Big!

I love this photo of us walking across the Bryant Street Bridge.


Attention must be paid!  To that porch roof.

Out of control bamboo.

Honey, there's a robot at the door.

I love the Urban Farm Collective. Perhaps next year I will volunteer with them.

Tall house.

Tall house from the front.

Just missed a mid-air shot of Matt jumping over that post.

Nice fence!

And a nice hideaway.

More nice fence.

How to access the cool tree house.

This house just kept growing.


And yet more alley!

So much nicer than the usual "wash me" graffiti.

What's that hole for?

Our destination.

Matt waits for dinner.  The heater looms ominously above him.


Sara K. said...

Good morning, Patricia! This morning I will be commenting and crying. Only crying because your blogging efficiency is making me realize that my blog is quasi defunct right now. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

Oh and this looks like a great walk. I like the shadow selfie as well.

balyien said...

Wow, that rosemary is crazy! I wonder if they actually use all of that or if it's just decorative? That shadow selfie is awesome! I'm very fond of shadow pictures and take them of myself all the time. I literally laughed out loud at the robot at the door.