Saturday, August 2, 2014

SHOC run.

My athletic supporter was out of town doing a run of his own (Cascade Lakes Relay) so it was just me for this 5k.  I know the daughter of the SH in SHOC Foundation so I wanted to participate in this run.

Though I have not been running at all (I've been walking during the mornings) I managed to jog this entire route.  The trade off was that I was very slow.  I finished in 45:59 which gave me a per-mile time of 14:50 minute miles.  It was a nice run, and now I can say I've run from Gladstone to Oregon City.  I did miss my Athletic Supporter, though.


Sara K. said...

Nicely done. I wish we could enter these together. I am a social exerciser and really would love a partner in crime. I love that you are starting to just sign up and do it!

balyien said...

Well done! I could probably do a 5K walk, but not a jog or a run, so I'm impressed. Hopefully you'll have some support for the next one!