Friday, August 1, 2014

Vintage Cakes: Stack Cake

According to the author, this is the traditional wedding cake for Appalachia.  Each family attending the wedding would bring a layer and the bride would stack them into a cake.  The more popular the wedding couple, the taller the cake.  This is a spice cake with a plum jam-like filling and a vanilla glaze over the top.  It was good.


Sara K. said...

YUM!!! You know I would have been totally competitive about the height of my wedding cake!

balyien said...

For a second I thought they were waffles and I was so excited! I have to admit that I'm giving this cake the side eye. I'm not sure how I feel about spice cake with plum jam layers. Sounds like taste overkill to me but I would still give it a chance. :)