Sunday, August 10, 2014

Z-to-A Games: Salmon Run

Matt and I played Salmon Run, where we each took on a salmon swimming upstream, dodging bears and currents.  I won.  This made me like this game.  I also enjoyed that it was pretty easy to learn and it really was a 45 minute game. Most boxes say 45-60 minutes and the games last three hours.

I think this is finally the last "S"game we have.  Onward to the "R"s.


balyien said...

Yay! I feel like I haven't seen a post in this series in a while. I can't believe that there's a game about salmon. That's really funny. Congrats on winning!

Sara K. said...

I believe your Native Idahoan skills helped you win this one. You may be a born-again-Oregonian, but sometimes a little Idaho creeps out! And we know salmon!