Saturday, August 9, 2014

Garlic Festival 5k

Another pair of socks!  The best prize for finishing ever.  (Aside from cash, of course.  But I'm not a contender for cash prizes that have to do with running.)

The tag even has an elephant garlic on it.
This was a tough race. I finished in 47:10 giving me a per-minute mile of 15:13 and making me last in my age group.  It was also a confusing course, with the handy chalk arrows disappearing for the final couple of turns.  Still, I did finish! Onward to the next one in the series.


balyien said...

Hey, finishing is finishing! That's all that matters. Is it weird that I sort of wish the socks themselves had garlic printed on them? Then they'd be great for a novelty sock party. Even so, they look like nice socks & I think that's a great idea for a race gift.

Sara K. said...


Sara K. said...

How was that for a scintillating comment?!?!?