Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas decorations: the boxes.

The Christmas decorations are the same from year to year and you've seen them, or can do a search to see them again.  So this year I'm going to focus on the boxes that hold the decorations.

This is the inside of the box that holds the ornaments.  On the bottom is glitter, and bits of broken ornaments.
The box is from my mom's Elementary school (it originally held perma-bound books) and has my mom's handwriting on it.  The paper towels used to wrap the ornaments are from probably the late 80s, early 90s.  They have Christmas decorations on them and are red and green.

The only ornament that gets a special container is the one my grandmother made for my second Christmas.  That's her handwriting on top of a See's candy Fancy Mixed Nuts container.

You can see why this very special ornament gets its own container.

I bought this postal mailing tube to hold the advent calendar my mother made. 
I roll it up to store, along with the many ornaments.

I can no longer remember what was in this box originally, but I'm pretty sure Matt's mother sent it to him filled with little bits of holiday food items.

It holds the marshmallow nativity scene and instead of packing in in paper towels, I use newspaper delivery bags.

This plastic guy holds the lighted garland that the ornaments hang on each year.  I really, really appreciate this piece of plastic as it keeps the garland perfectly wrapped.

If you tilt your head to the left, you can see this is a vintage Meier and Frank box, from (I would guess) the late 60s.  It holds the Beary Merry Christmas Advent Calendar (post on that coming right up).

And this (upside down and not at all square) photo is of the box that holds the Christmas Tree.  I really appreciate how everything has its place.  However, the plastic is starting to go and I'm guessing this has only a few more years before I have to find something else.

Not pictured?  The two brown paper grocery sacks I use to hold the outdoor lights.


Anonymous said...

That is your first year Christmas
ornament from your grandmother. MOM

balyien said...

Those old boxes have held up remarkably well. You have a lot of Christmas decorations. I had no idea! Surely I've seen your house at Christmas time? Hmm. Love the sparkly ornament from grandma.

Sara K. said...

I love this alt view of your Christmas decor. Your grandmother's ornament box is the best!