Saturday, November 15, 2014

Z to A games. All the "P" games in one night.

There are only three.  We began with Poo.  Matt won.

We moved on to Poker, where I discovered I am much better than Matt.  I won.
He's not much of a gambler.

For most of the game I had a progressively larger pile of his chips.  We finally set a timer to and declared the person with the most chips when the timer went off the winner.

And here is my winning hand.

We moved on to Pirate Fluxx

Matt played the "talk like a pirate" card, mostly to annoy me.  I countered by talking like a pirate's pet crow (Caw, Caw!) while Matt hurt his vocal cords saying too much "arrrrrgggggh"
He won the game.


balyien said...

Poo? There's a game called Poo? What is the point of this game?

I'm with Matt on poker. I've tried to learn a couple of times but it's sort of beyond me. You would probably win all of my chips too.

And finally! You guys play a game I know. I've only played plain old Fluxx though.

Patricia said...

Poo is a card game where you "throw poo" on other players. Your goal is to get rid of all your poo. In real life, the poo is represented by whatever token you are using, in this case poker chips.

It's a fun game in that it's easy to learn and you can play strategy or not. Kids could pick it up pretty quickly.

Sara K. said...

This is a hilarious post for many reasons... by commenting does not allow me to elaborate!