Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Beary Merry Christmas Introduction.

When I was 12 I was uncool.  I guess most of us are, but I had no illusions about how uncool I was.  I wouldn't have minded being cool, but since I wasn't, I did the incredibly uncool thing of convincing my mother to buy a fabric panel so I could make an advent calendar..  Then I sewed and decorated it.  It's things like this that tell me I've always been a slightly overweight 42 year old crafty lady. Thank god my parents fixed that gap between my teeth or I wouldn't have had anything.  

I hate the Beary Merry Christmas Advent calendar.  I loathe it.  I hate how badly my 12-year-old self constructed it, I hate how dorky it is (BEAR-y Merry!!!???) I hate how the bear who is looking for Christmas is the dumbest bear in the entire world.  That bear couldn't find his foot if he looked down. It's amazing he remembers to breathe in after he breathes out.
And yet I still put it up every year.  A couple of years ago I took photos of the whole thing, thinking I would make a post about it.  I never did.  But this year?  We're having a blog advent calendar.

But first.  Some close-ups. 

A bad pun.  Not even a good bad pun.  Just a bad one.

And it continues with the remaking of the month's name.

Each year I relive my shoddy glue gun technique.

And the very bad wreath I made. Although the glue gun threads are not as visible here.

Here is a great example of a bad seam finish.  Also note that I couldn't be bothered to change the thread as I sewed across the white-background bottom.  Sad to say, I'm still that lazy when I sew.
For each day in DecemBEAR, I will publish the corresponding square on the advent calendar.  Come along as the unnamed "He" looks everywhere but the first place someone would look for Christmas.


Anonymous said...
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balyien said...

I think you're being very hard on 12-year-old you! Sure it's cheesy, but it's also pretty cute. I would be impressed that you made this at any age, let alone at 12. I'm glad you put it up every year even though you don't like it.

Sara K. said...

Oh PCC! Poor younger Patty, she is getting the shake down here! What cracks me up is that you still put it up, in spite of your hate.