Monday, December 1, 2014

A Beary Merry Christmas: DecemBear 1

(Intro to this is here)

Our unnamed bear starts looking for Christmas outside.  Seems reasonable.  And a sleigh seems a good place to find Christmas.
Notice not only my crooked seam in the calendar part, but also how I didn't stuff  "He" with enough fiberfill to really plump him up.  He looks like he's been kicked in the head.  And maybe that explains why he takes 24 days to find Christmas.


balyien said...

Where did you get the bear? While he does look like he's been kicked in the head, I wouldn't notice any of the flaws if you didn't point them out.

Patricia said...

This was a thing you used to be able to do at fabric stores. You bought a fabric panel and then cut it out and assembled it into something. They used to have ones you could turn into stuffed animals and I made some of those. I haven't seen anything like this in my fabric store runs of late, but I might just not be looking in the correct section.

So for this, you got the calendar and then on the side was the bear which you cut out and sewed together.

Sara K. said...

Poor little Christmas bear!