Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Curtains: the middle

You know what's almost as boring as pressing?  Sewing 12 bird portraits to 12 backing squares. This has been a good reminder I'm not interested in the endless repetition that is quilting.

But I finished!  And then it was time to mark the curtains for the ribbon.  I used my trusty ruler and also Wonder Tape, you can see that white line along the top.  The Wonder Tape held the top of the ribbon in place so I could stitch it down with no trouble.  It was kind of awesome.


balyien said...

Maybe I've asked this before, but is the wonder tape actually called wonder tape? Or is that just your nickname for it? For some reason, I'm very enamored of the birds' expressions. The blackbird in particular looks so inquisitive.

Patricia said...

It is properly called Wonder Tape. I'm in love with it. And the birds' expressions.