Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Beary Merry Christmas: Decembear 4

Intro is here.

Because that's a place to look?  Next to the snowman?

I'm kind of interested in the design of this calendar.  Can you see the production meeting?  
Person in charge: Okay, we need a bear, a house, and 24 places the bear could look.
Bespecked male artist:  What's he looking for?
Angry feminist artist:  Why do you assume it's a he?
Peace-making and weary artist: Because a female bear would not look 24 different places, she'd ask someone.
Angry feminist:  Yeah!
Bespecked male artist, also wearily: Yeah.
Peace-making-get-it-done artist: So what is the bear looking for?
Person in charge: Christmas.
All artists: Christmas?
Person in charge:  Christmas
Angry feminist: Christmas is not something you look for.
Bespecked male artist, happy to find unity with the angry feminist:  Yeah!  Its' a day on the calendar.  Is the bear looking on the calendar?
Person in charge:  No, no!  It IS a calendar.
All: Christmas?
Person in charge:  No, the bear on the advent calendar is looking for Christmas.  Where would he look?
Bespecked male artist, somewhat sarcastically:  By the snowman?
Person in charge:  YES!  What else?


balyien said...

Oh, I'm start to get it. Was this a kit that you put together? That makes sense. If you'd designed it it would probably be smarter.

Sara K. said...

I'm dying with the entrance of the deign committee. I hope they come back. I shall see as a venture through the next few posts!