Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gingerbread Christmas Trees Decorated.

Matt got us all Ikea Gingerbread Christmas Trees this year and provided icing and decorations to dude them up.  It was a fun Christmas activity.

Here is Matt with his Stingray.

Mom went for daubs of snow.

Mine was broken and when I assembled it, it was rickety, causing some hilarity.

Aunt Pat has glued hers together.

Aunt Carol went with a light dusting of snow and gold balls.

Aunt Pat's got a Cinnamon Bear as the topper.


Sara K. said...

I absolutely love that picture of you with your cookie tree. It is simply adorable! Looks like great fun! Way to go Matt!!!

Sara K. said...

And with that, I am caught up for the first time in months! Next stop (soon), our blog!

Anonymous said...

This was great fun. That icing seemed to stick on everything but the tree. Lots of laughs ensued. Glad you found them Matt. MOM

balyien said...

These pictures are great. :)

I'm incapable of thinking of gingerbread without thinking of the gingerbread crackhouse, complete with drive by victims, that Matt made one year.