Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fixing the lined Swedish shade, plans for curtains.

When we last saw the lined Swedish shades, they were completed and I was happy with the jute twine.  Unfortunately, the jute twine wasn't up to the task of raising and lowering the shade.  It broke.

Resulting in the clothespin solution every morning.  So!  We need to replace the jute twine with something sturdier.

Since I had to take the whole thing apart anyway, I bought a scrap of leather (only one dollar at Oregon Leather Company!) to replace the very twisty fabric ties.  Here is one of the ties cut.

My trusty curtain/shade book told me to make a hole in the leather with an awl.  I had no awl, so I used my drill. It worked pretty well.  And that's as far I as I got with that project today.

I moved on to measuring the curtains.  These are purchased curtains, which I plan to modify to suit me.


Sara K. said...

Nice! Making progress. What's going on with Out & About? No comment ability yest.

balyien said...

I can already tell that the leather ties are going to be snazzy. How did you drill a hole in it without drilling a hole in anything else?

Patricia said...

Lots of layers of newspaper sitting on top of my plastic drill case, just in case I drilled through all the newspaper. It worked pretty well.