Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Beary Merry Christmas: Decembear 24

Intro is here

My favorite part of this calendar is that it acknowledges how silly and circuitous this quest has been.  FINALLY he looks in the living room and there he finds what we are defining as Christmas.
Apparently ,it has to do with decorating the tree and having five bears in the room.

It's always bugged me that this calendar poops out on the day before Christmas.  Shouldn't "He" bear find Christmas on Christmas, not Christmas Eve?  Could he not have looked just one more place in the living room?  Nope.  For reasons I bet have more to do with layout, our quest ends one day shy of the big day.

I hope you are about ready to find Christmas too.  I know I am.


Heather said...

Is it the tree that is Christmas or the family? So, what do you do for Christmas? Find the present? Because that is what some people believe that Christmas is anyway? So, with all your angst and irritation with the Dumbear, you have still honored it with hanging and using it for years!

balyien said...

Wait, how did mom get into the living room from the kitchen so fast? Was it while "He" bear was looking for Christmas in the fireplace? And why are they decorating without the bear who's taking a bath, or the one sleeping upstairs? They don't seem very considerate.

Sara K. said...

Wait! Perhaps Bertrand is friends with Dr. Who. Timey Wimey business might be happening. Any chance there is a blue police box somewhere on the calendar? And it's really done? What about Christmas?