Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Beary Merry Christmas: Decembear 16

Intro is here

Who is that bear in the bathtub?  It looks exactly like our bear, minus the ribbon. Is he staring at his own self?  I'm so confused.  
I do like the rubber duckie, though.


Heather said...

Did he look while some bear was in the tub or after? Did he just ask him? Oh, that's right. Obviously, He is a boy because "He" can't ask the rest where Christmas is!

balyien said...

Maybe he has a twin! If so, I would feel slightly less appalled that he was rooting around in someone else's dirty bathwater. These family members sure aren't especially shy with each other!

Sara K. said...

Bertrand, I am rather appalled at your alarming lack of respect for your sibling/family member/etc. in the bathtub. Why-oh-why would Christmas be there?