Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Beary Merry Christmas: Decembear 18

Intro is here

I always thought this was the maid doing the cooking, like Alice in the Brady Bunch.  But maybe that's "He" bear's mother?  Anyway, you can probably find Christmas in the oven if you know when to look. Like now, where there are clearly cookies.
Also, don't look too far in that oven.  Maybe there's a wicked witch that wants to push you in.


balyien said...

I'm amused that the only visible food in the kitchen, besides cookies and candy canes, is honey. Way to rip off A.A. Milne, advent calendar. ;)

Sara K. said...

Bertie! Way to go, buddy! The oven (well, the kitchen) is a great place to look for Christmas. Many homes have the best of treats for Christmas to be found right there! Tasty treat Bertie, go for those!!!