Sunday, December 14, 2014

New TV stand and New (to us) TV

And so it begins.

And so it is completed in its very basic format.  And it would be completed further if I didn't have to leave right this moment to see a movie with a friend.  

And now it is later and it has shelves and a door.  But only one door because we bought too large of doors for the other side.

And so our old TV stand and old TV are sitting to the side of the living room. 
(I put the TV stand on the curb and it was gone in 12 hours.)

And so Matt must repackage the wrong doors to return to Ikea

And so Sentinel must explore the new furniture. 

And so we must check the new TV.

And so the cat must explore the other side of the new furniture.

And so it is cute.

So very, very cute.
Thanks Mom for the new TV!  It's much larger than the old one.


balyien said...

Looks really great! Very sleek and modern. I like the color. We should get a new TV stand. Our old one (Ikea, I think the cheapest one available), the doors fell off ages ago.

Sara K. said...

It took us forever to find our TVs new stand. It is a lovely mid-century modern buffet style side table that we found on Craig's list after a tip off from a furniture restorer that we found. The best part? We could turn around a sell it for double what we paid. If we wanted to. It is lovely. So we don't! The house tour is almost ready. We have one last piece of furniture to buy for the entry way and we will be very set.