Friday, December 5, 2014

A Beary Merry Christmas: Decembear 5

Intro is here.

Much like my shoddy 12-year-old construction technique, some of these pictures are blurry.  Much like my lazy pre-adolescent self, I didn't go back and take better photos.

So the "He" bear has made it all the way to the door!  Hooray.  Because Christmas is probably right up the stairs and to the left.  Maybe even in the living room, the room where most people who celebrate Christmas put their tree.  
Also, I'm now noticing the impressive glue gun contrails hanging off the wreath at the door.  I guess my technique did not improve.


balyien said...

Those aren't glue gun trails. They're icicles!

Sara K. said...

Finally Bertrand can get warmed up! Luckily, since he is a bear, his fur was probably keeping him a bit warm. Wait, shouldn't he be hibernating?

Sara K. said...

No longer live. Interesting.